Friday, September 5, 2008

Javascript on Google Chrome

This morning I found something very interesting. The last few days, after Google's new open source browser Chrome's beta version has been released, there have been a lot of discussions on how good or bad it is. One of the things that amased me is the fallowing test:

It's clear too see that Chrome is much faster than other browsers in terms of javascript execution. Google were right to tell that this browser will be much more 'usable' for rich web applications, as having fast javascript means that you can build stuff on the web that runs almost as smoothly as desktop applications. This is great news to me, and a lot of other developers, I believe. So, congrats guys, let's now hope that Chrome's issues will soon be fixed and there will not be lots of differences on how it handles the same code, compared to other browsers... :)

P.S You can run the tests from the picture here.

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